Pros & Cons of Early Exterior Painting for All Four Seasons

When weather conditions are free from cold temperatures, pollen, humidity, or falling leaves, people consider exterior home painting and renovation projects more seriously.

In some cases, households are preparing to host family and friends at outdoor gatherings, and everyone wants their house to look good for these occasions.

Also, spring is when the real estate market booms. So, some homeowners may be considering putting homes on the market during this time, and home painting and renovations will maximize home value.

Regardless of the reason, if you have procrastinated on a home painting or renovation project, it’s not too late to get started. In fact, it may be perfecting timing.

House Painting During Early Spring

For many reasons, the vast majority look forward to the spring season. As the temperature increases, the days get longer, and the sun is more prominent, this is an excellent recipe for exterior house painting along with other projects.

But does pollen affect painting? Early spring, before heavy pollen, is an opportune time to get an early start on any exterior project. Although only extreme cases of pollen exposure will affect a paint film, no one wants pollen in their homes.

House Painting During Early Summer

Early spring projects are great, but all is not lost if the opportunity has passed. The idea is to catch each season early before the extreme conditions that each season brings have come into fruition.

Early summer is also an excellent time to hire exterior painting companies. Typically, there is less humidity during early summer and fewer summer or evening storms.

Although applying exterior paint designed for humidity and painting opposing direct sunlight will help, there is no arguing that extreme heat can be miserable for painters. And again, opening doors and windows are less than ideal under these conditions.

Exterior House Painting During Early Fall

Fall, one of the best times of the year, hands down. The temperatures are less extreme, more manageable, and consistent.

But due to falling leaves and potential high morning dew points, early Fall is the best plan of action in terms of timing.

Early transitions between seasons are great painting opportunities, but Fall is unique. Ideal fall weather conditions are seemingly shorter than other seasons. For this reason, the window for perfect painting conditions is narrower.

During Fall, cooler air resists established hotter air from the previous summer as winter gets closer. The collide with atmospheric fronts causes high due points in the morning.

If you are staining a deck or any other project that requires wood to be as dry as possible, late summer/ early fall is the best time for these kinds of projects.

Exterior House Painting During Early Winter

For those that have put off painting their homes, early winter is a last-ditch effort to complete what is needed.

Most exterior paints by Sherwin – Williams and other manufacturers can apply as low as 35 degrees. This kind of paint enables house painters to paint just above freezing without affecting how the paint dries.

If the atmospheric temperature is in the high 30s and the surface temperature (usually on the sunny side) is above 35 degrees, like other seasons, these conditions can also be advantageous.

House paint and caulk apply thicker and dry slowly and more uniform in cooler climates. So, if you are considering painting a dark exterior color containing a shiny finish, winter will deem an amazingly uniform finish.

Starting Early and Thinking Ahead

Regardless of the season, the gist is to start planning and budgeting early in preparation for the next best painting opportunity.

It’s fair to say that house painting is manageable almost year-round. However, there are benefits to starting early for each season.

Ideally, correctly timing your painting project in tandem with a local professional painter could improve your overall service experience.

Remember, even minor paint updates to shutters, front porches, doors, gutters, or garage doors can serve to revamp the look of your home.

If you have read this and think the timing is right for your project, contact your local professional painters here at MC Painting for premium service!