Wood Trim Painting & StainingSince we opened for business in 1994, MC Painting has painted and stained and painted the trim on thousands of homes across Central Ohio. It is the most popular exterior painting service we provide and gives your home a cost effective “facelift.” You can easily change the trim color to update the style and protect your wood against the always changing Ohio weather elements!

We start all of our exterior paint projects the same way, with a powerwash including tri-sodium phosphate and/or bleach solution to remove any stains or mold and mildew from your trim. After it’s given time to dry, we come back and caulk any areas where wood meets wood, scrape any loose paint/stain, pound in any protruding nails, and replace any broken or rotten boards. Then we apply two coats of paint or stain to the trim depending on what type of wood you have. Our professional painting crews take care of the dangerous ladder work for you and get the job done quickly and neatly. Painting wood trim is something that can definitely take years of the exterior of your house, especially when done by a crew that knows what they’re doing.

Let us walk you through the process and give you a professional painting quote at a competitive price on your wood trim. Give us a call or request a free quote through our website today!


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