Cedar StainingMC Painting is an expert in cedar staining! Cedar siding provides a very beautiful and natural look that can last for many years when well maintained. Over time the sun and weather elements slowly breakdown the cedar until it becomes weathered looking and in some cases begins to bow, crack or even rot. While this is natural, it’s not unreasonable to want to update the look of your cedar siding with a fresh coat of stain.

With cedar siding, the most important aspect of the job is surface preparation. We start with a powerwash including tri-sodium phosphate and/or bleach solution to remove any stains or mold and mildew from your home. Our painting professionals will then pound in any protruding nails in your siding, replace any rotten pieces as well as caulk where wood meets wood.

You have a few options in regards to stains when it comes to cedar. You can select a solid color stain, which looks more like paint and has a variety of color choices. Or you can select a semi-transparent stain, where you can still see through the stain to the natural grain of the wood. A solid stain will peel off over time, where a semi-transparent will simply fade. Once you have a solid stain, you cannot go back to a semi-transparent. If you have an existing solid stain, we take the time to properly scrape the surface. We then use a HIGH BUILD BONDING PRIMER such as Peel Bond or PrimeRx, which will lock down any edges where the stain did not peel off as well as reduce an “alligator” look when the new stain is applied. Our professional crews take the time to prepare your home correctly so the work will last!

Let us walk you through the process and give you a professional painting quote at a competitive price on your cedar siding home. Give us a call or request a free quote through our website today! We would be honored to be the company that you trusted with staining your cedar siding.

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