Over quarantine, you’ve probably become pretty handy with your screwdriver, paintbrush and hammer. During lockdown, when we couldn’t have tradespeople in our homes, DIY became a necessity. From jiggly doorknobs to clogged toilets, we have done it all!

But now that the world is opening back up (big sigh of relief), DIYing is no longer your only option. Here are 5 reasons you might choose to hire professional painters rather than breaking out that paintbrush again.

  1. You’ll get a top-quality job

At MC Painting, we only work with top rated professionals in your area. That means, while you were putting in 10,000 hours to become a master of your job, our painters were doing the same with theirs. Our teams know:

  • How to prep walls and exteriors so that paint lasts longer
  • Which sheens apply for every room
  • Which paint will work best on every surface from walls, ceiling and trim to exteriors and decks.

This adds up to getting a flawless result, every time!

  1. They will do the tough projects right

Cabinets, trim, home exteriors – these items are notoriously hard to paint well, either because of the skill required or because of the scope of the project. Hiring a pro means you will get the best results, even if your home is tall, your cabinets have 6 coats of paint, or you just don’t want to buy the tools needed to do a one-time job.

  1. They are licensed and insured

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially if you are the one doing the work, right? But this is one of the best reasons to hire a professional. In the unlikely event that something happens during your paint job, they will cover the accident. That gives you a piece of mind and saves you the cost and hassle of an insurance claim.

  1. They are color pros

Experienced painters have seen every color of paint on every surface you can imagine. They know which color will accentuate your home’s architecture, which will match your décor, and which net you more money when you sell (yep, that’s a thing). You will get their knowledge and expertise, but you will also get someone who has helped homeowners and designers get the look of their dreams.

  1. You will save time

From prep to cleanup (ugh, cleanup), going with a pro saves time. Painting takes hours or days, even when you are doing a small room. Painting an exterior? Could take weeks when you are working it between everything else.

Hiring a professional means, you can spend time doing what you love, instead of getting a sore arm, battling frustration when your lines aren’t straight, or opening the paint can after the kids go to bed. And all that stuff you hate – taping, sanding, scraping, caulking, rinsing rollers – gets done by a pro. You chill; they paint. Seems fair.

So, now that DIYing isn’t the only option, why not consider handing over your paint job to us, the pros? Check out our services. We are happy to help!