An exterior paint job is no small project to take on. The exterior of your house is one that everyone sees and will be responsible for making the first impression, so it goes without saying that you would care about the work that gets done and who it is you’re expecting to do it. At MC Painting, we don’t simply throw up a new coat of paint on the exterior of your home. No, we know that there’s a full process that your home needs to go through in order to look beautiful. Here are a few of the things that you can expect us to do before we even start painting.


Over time the exterior of your home will need slight repairs done. Now we aren’t talking about doing anything big with repairs, we’ll leave that to the pro’s, but there are a few things that we can fix so that your home looks good, but also so that your paint job is done well. These are little dings that we notice when we’re up towards the roof, or any cracks that need to be caulked. Doing this tiny step can keep your paint from cracking and can drastically improve the way that the exterior of your home looks after the paint job.

Power Wash

You should never trust a painting company that doesn’t power wash the exterior of your home before they paint it. This is an absolute must in regards to having a paint job that lasts, but also in providing quality work. The exterior of your home is exposed to all sorts of natural elements, but they leave their mark on your home nonetheless. From the rain that splatters mud up the side of your home, to the different types of moss and algae that can grow, it doesn’t make sense to paint over these types of things. You need to power wash the exterior before ever putting a fresh coat of paint on.

Tarps & Tape

We pay attention to details at MC Painting, so this is a step that we take very seriously. Windows are by no means affordable, and they’re an investment that need to be treated with care. Before we start painting we will ensure that your house has tarps and tape to protect the windows and any other valuables that you have in your yard or specifically request us to cover. Our goal is to leave your Westerville house looking better than it did before, and any remains of paint that are on anything other than the exterior of your house would not make that the case.

Start the process of painting the exterior of your house by calling MC Painting and scheduling a consultation where you can receive a quote on your project. We can help you from there with laying out a schedule and picking out the colors. We make this process as easy as possible for you, so what are you waiting for? Call our team of professional painters today.