Many homeowners prefer the ability to paint their homes inside and out the way they want to so it feels the most like home for them. No matter who you are, wanting to make your home unique and personalized is important in making sure your house feels like your home and is something you are proud of. Homes are not cheap and it is important to feel like you have gotten your money’s worth. While it may seem like you have no options if your home is made of stucco, the reality is that there are actually many things you can do with stucco, including painting. Just like every other siding option stucco can fade over time and get stains from the weather and other things. There are many reasons to paint the stucco on your home or building including the following five.

  1. Fills in Cracks

Homes with stucco exteriors are very prone to cracks and while this is a problem that starts small, it can grow significantly and eventually cause more serious damage to your home and exterior. Stucco with old or no paint at all also has a tendency to chip and pop off the building in places and it can make the building look run down and neglected. These repairs are often costly as well. To help save you money, painting the stucco can help prevent this chipping and fill in the cracks that are already present. This will help the exterior to last longer with fewer repairs needed.

  1. Covers Stains

Another advantage of painting the stucco on your home is that it can cover the stains that can happen over time. Water and rusting stains happen often on stucco sidings and despite being a normal occurrence, can be very unattractive and ruin the curb appeal. When it is painted by professionals the stains can be covered easily and last for many years.

  1. Improves Curb Appeal

The best way to improve a building’s curb appeal is to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior. Painting stucco can help cover the stains, cracks, and other apparent damage to the siding. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home and just want the outside to look better, adding a coat of paint can add a long-lasting solution to helping your home look newer and nicer.

  1. Seals Out Moisture

In addition to stain, water can also sink into the stucco and cause the overall appearance of the exterior to appear darker and more dingy. Not only does the paint help the home to look nicer but it can also block out the moisture and keep it out so no other water damage can be done. Stucco is a very porous material and is known for being good at absorbing moisture, which is why having a hired professional get it done is so important. If the wrong paint is applied, the water can still break the barrier and continue causing damage and color differences. With a fresh coat of paint on your stucco you can rest assured that your stucco will remain one color no matter what the weather decides to do.

  1. More Options with Paint Colors

Over the years, as stucco painting has become more common there have been many more colors and tones developed to make sure you can have the color you need. Many painters can even match the current color that is on your house so they can add an additional layer over top. They can also match the color to your preferences and even make it so matches the feel your home and landscape already have. Not only are there options with actual colors, but also hues, tones and brightness.

How Often Does Stucco Need to Be Painted?

If you have decided to paint the stucco on your home, or you know the stucco on your home has been painted before you may be wondering how often this needs to be done to maintain the fresh and polished look. Stucco is considered a very durable surface and painting only needs to be done every 15-20 years depending on the area you live. Areas with high UV rays and heavy precipitation can cause the paint to last less time than on homes in other areas. The most surefire way however to make sure your stucco doesn’t blister or peel is check it every couple of years for cracks or peels starting. The sooner you catch these the easier they will be for the professionals to paint over and cover.

Experienced Stucco Painters

If you are considering having the stucco on your house or other building painted consider calling the professionals at MC Painting. Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure your home is treated safely and carefully. We value your decision and aim to match our work to your vision.