A good residential exterior paint job can last 5-10 years. And with these 5 factors, you can make your exterior paint last longer for a better return investment.

  1. Paint Quality

When it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. Pay a low price, and see crack and peel away within months. Pay a premium price and the return on your initial investment will have you having a peace of mind about your exterior paint for years on end. However, choosing premium paints does not only mean buying the most expensive, it can also mean choosing the right paint for your home’s exterior surfaces. If you hire MC Painting for the job, its always best to heed their expert advice on what paint to use. In addition, if you hire us, you can get our discount at our trusted paint suppliers.

  1. Surface preparation

The final look of your exterior paint job will not only rely on the quality of paint you have chosen but will also rely on the state of the surface it is painted on. This is why it is important for your painter to do certain prep tasks on your exterior. It may include stripping old paint off the exteriors, power washing dirt and grime stuck close to the surface, or even filling in the cracks and sanding away uneven surfaces. A well-prepped surface will allow the paint to stick better and stay longer without cracking and peeling.

  1. Less moisture exposure

Paint may cling well onto a well-prepped surface but it still won’t last against a moisture-laden atmosphere. And its not the outdoor moisture that will repel exterior paint away from the surface but the vapor that’s escaping a house. So, in order to make a house exterior paint last longer, the interiors must deal with moisture and vapor in an efficient manner that prevents it from seeping onto your exterior walls. You can do this by installing leak-free gutters, and sealing window trims and casings.

  1. Primer first

A primer provides an even surface for the exterior paint to cling to. It also acts as a barrier against moisture or vapor from the interior walls or gaps. A good primer will also hide stubborn stains or uneven surface color for an even coat of paint.

  1. Right timing

Painting a house exterior should also be done according to the weather. Painting in direct sunlight will surely make the paint dry faster but will also preserve uneven paint application or noticeable brush strokes. Meanwhile, painting when its too cold will also produce a lackluster paint job that won’t last long.

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